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Core Design Service

(includes mobile friendly website, copy writing, service & product pages, contact form)


Dynamic Elements


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Executive Wix Web Design

Maintenance Plan

  • Web Design Billing & Late Fee Policies 

    All work completed by Cali Innovations is billed on a monthly basis. Work includes design, programming, and other services but does not include hosting. If your site is in development then you will get billed for any work completed during those months. If your requested minor updates to your site then you will get billed for the work completed that month.


    Maintenance fees are due in advance and you have payment options (quarterly, semi-annually, or annually). Monthly Maintenance Plans is required for a Wix & Shopify accounts . Website projects in development that are not paid in a timely manner can be put on hold.


    Maintenance fees are part of the contractual agreement and can be canceled by paying a one time fee of $200.00. Paying the $200.00 early cancelation fee would cancel out your website as well so before you do that, talk with me to see what I can do to adjust your plan to your needs. There is a bi-weekly late charge of $15.00.


    If you pay your bills on time, I sincerely thank you and there is no need for you to read any further.



    I believe our agreement with you is simple — I will provide website-related services and all we ask is that you pay me in a timely manner. I do not need reminders to manage your Web presence; therefore, I believe you shouldn’t need several reminders to pay me.

    Payment for all Cali Innovations, services is due 10 days after the date on the invoice. If payment has not been received 10 days after the invoice date, we will send you a friendly reminder email or letter. Payments not received 5 days after the invoice date will cause your account to be considered past due and late fees of 4% per month will apply in addition to the weekly fee.


    If payment has still not been received by the next month’s statement, we will send an email or letter notifying you of a pending date of termination. If no payment has been received by the date stated in the termination email or letter, your service will be disconnected and your account may be turned over to a collection agency.


    In addition to the above emails or letters that will be sent, we will also attempt to contact you regarding your late payment at least once via email and once via telephone. If there is a reason for not remitting your payment in a timely fashion, it is your responsibility to notify us. Cali Innovations Media & Marketing will entertain reasonable payment option requests in an attempt to prevent termination of service.

    Charges for Services Performed


     Functionality or feature requests above and beyond those listed in the budget and/or the functionality specs may be considered out-of-scope and an amendment to the budget will be recommended. Projects that go dormant for longer than 45 days will incur a fee to resume work at the discretion of Cali Innovations Media & Marketing 



    If your account does become terminated, you can restore your service by paying the following charges:



      • $50 reconnection fee per hosted domain 

      • All past due balances including the 1.5% interest on the entire balance

      • Maintenance fees paid 3 months in advance

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