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Donation Mask​




Donation Mask needed help repositioning its organization to drive growth and advance its mission

Donation Mask


Donation Mask reached out to me to help wake up their customers’ breakrooms with everything from a new logo and website to sales materials And opened a cafe and roastery along the way.



A clean site leads to more clean spaces

Donation Mask is a mask company based out of the Washington, D.C. area. They clean all kinds of large-scale facilities, from schools and government buildings to industrial and manufacturing spaces.

In my design, I really wanted the site to have the same feeling that Donation Mask gives you when you purchase one of their masks to help keep your loved ones safe.  – clean and spotless.

Web & Mobile

The technical challenges to integration were met by me working closely with Donation Mask to create easy conversion and purchasing paths for customers while incorporating updated brand elements in a clean, bright, and healthy-looking site. Large photographs of people and products help to create good feelings and product awareness.

I was proud to work with my friends at Donation Mask and help them grow their business.

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